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Corporate culture is an important factor


Corporate culture is an important factor

For a long time, corporate culture and business ethics in the context of the market economy have always been the key factor, deciding success or failure as well as affirming a sustainable brand of each enterprise.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 has been and is having a strong impact on many fields, especially the economic sector and the business and production activities of enterprises. This revolution is putting businesses in a super competitive environment. It not only helps to improve production efficiency and save costs, but also a wave to help businesses innovate in production - business to quickly and accurately respond to increasing requirements of customers. row.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Duong Thi Lieu, Deputy Secretary General of the Vietnam Association for the Development of Corporate Culture, Director of the Institute of Business Culture, said that all partners around the world evaluate the culture of the business by the speed of handling procedures and work. It is the culture of speed that forces employees to have excellent skills and high discipline, which makes size no longer a decisive advantage for competitiveness, but speed plays a decisive role.

At the same time, Ms. Duong Thi Lieu said that building a company culture by applying technology has many advantages such as: Combining many features in one application both helps the company easily manage human resources and universalize. corporate culture access to the most complete staff. Today, the use of technology and online communication is also a way to engage employees in the business, helping employees stay connected to the job no matter where they are.
This year, in the context of many businesses struggling with epidemics, according to experts, corporate culture and brand development show more meaningful and practical impact on the sustainable existence of each enterprise. .

The corporate cultural environment has a significant impact on the spirit, attitudes and motivation of members and the use of the workforce, helping the business become a working community. spirit of cooperation, trust, attachment, friendliness, and progression. On that basis, forming a general psychology and belief in the success of the business.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thanh, Managing Director of CSCI Indochina Strategic Consulting Company, said that a brand is formed from the behavior of people in the company, so culture is the foundation of the brand and image. deeply affect the competitiveness of the business.

Corporate culture is an important factor in enhancing competitiveness - 2Press to enlarge the image Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thanh - Co-founder of Elite PR School and CEO of strategic consulting firm CSCI INDOCHINA
Therefore, according to Mr. Thanh, in the context of many difficulties due to epidemics, the joining hands to shoulder responsibility with the community of many businesses is a way of affirming the brand and conquering customers' trust.

Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Quoc Thinh, Chairman of BCSI Science Council, brand consultant acknowledged that corporate culture does not exist independently, but crept in at any stage of the business process, day by day. every hour affects business operations. A business cannot for profit but defies everything to promote its brand, logo.

Corporate culture is an important factor in enhancing competitiveness - 3Press to enlarge the PGS image. Dr. Nguyen Quoc Thinh - Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Branding and Competition Strategy Research
In addition, within the framework of the seminar, experts of culture, economy and businesses discussed such contents as: Corporate culture of Covid-19 era; Improve competitiveness and prevent communication crises with corporate culture; Business ethics and branding issues.

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